Carrier Ethernet

REX capabilities provide carrier’s access to INDATEL’s growing list of rural Ethernet service providers which include 27 member/owners and affiliates.

INDATEL roars with REX – A Rural Ethernet eXchange

INDATEL is uniquely positioned as a Carrier’s Carrier with Aggregation POPs in Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas and Denver. With REX (Rural Ethernet eXchange) capabilities, we provide carrier’s access to our growing list of Ethernet Service Providers, including our 27 member/owners and affiliates. With INDATEL, you get ubiquitous access to 27 major statewide network operators as opposed to attempting to connect to multiple access points/NNIs where many service providers would still have to backhaul to major nodes on their own network. 

REX makes connecting too hard to reach places easy.

INDATEL’s Rural Ethernet eXchange, or REX, is an Ethernet exchange switching fabric that provides industry standard Carrier Ethernet Access. We deliver middle-mile and last-mile access to each of our member networks and thousands of rural communities via our service aggregation POPs in Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas or Denver. 

Why should you connect to REX?

  • Scalable, low latency wholesale Ethernet access via industry standard ENNI
  • One point of contact and ENNI to many authorized providers
  • Simple implementation

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  • "Our connection to INDATEL Chicago is one of the several vital Internet links between our wholesale/enterprise/data center/telco ISP networks and the rest of the world.

    Russ Berg, Senior Director/WIN
  • "The ability to peer in Chicago INDATEL POP/Carrier Hotel has eceonomically improved how our network scales.  Being in Western Kansas, it is expensive to connect with Tier 1 providers.

    Justin McClung, Product Development Manager, Nex-Tech
  • "The ability to peer traffic in the Chicago INDATEL hub has improved how our network scales as we add on more customers.

    Thomas Beem, VP Sales and Marketing/Iowa Network Services